The Bombay Deco Series: Have a Decco

Mumbai Mirror commissioned Art Deco Mumbai to author a series of columns that were published weekly October 2017 – January 2018. These articles explored the city’s relationship with the art deco architectural style across neighbourhoods.

It was a unique initiative, we estimate it to be the first of its kind, to bring an appreciation of Deco into the homes and mind space of every Mumbai city resident.

Mumbai Mirror is the only single edition newspaper in the top 5 most-read English newspapers of India and is a Times Group publication. 

Art Deco Mumbai is a not for profit initiative that showcases Mumbai’s Deco, advocates its conservation, chronicles its history, documents neighbourhoods and has created the only online public domain repository dedicated to Mumbai’s Deco.

The columns have been listed below in the order that they appeared every week. Click on the links to read them:



Mohammed Ali Road: The Deco Collage   

[November 6, 2017]



Matunga: The Family Deco 

[November 13, 2017]



Aurora Talkies: The Public Deco   

[November 20, 2017]



Dadar Parsi Colony: A Deco of Plans   

[November 27, 2017]



Sea Face Park: The High Modern   

[December 4, 2017]



Marine Drive: The Deco Necklace   

[December 11, 2017]


Bandra: The Bungalow Deco   

[December 18, 2017]

Errata: Saudades is located on Mt. Carmel Road. Salcette colonies should read as Salsette colonies. 



The Oval: The Deco Landing   

[December 25, 2017]



Deco Hotels: The Last Sentinels   

[January 8, 2018]



Meet the Deco men   

[January 15, 2018]

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