On Bombay Deco

BOOK- Sharada Dwivedi and Rahul Mehrotra (2008) Bombay Deco; Eminence Designs Pvt. Ltd.


What is unique about Bombay is the concentration of the Art Deco buildings in what can easily be called a Deco District, the ensemble of the theatres with the buildings on the great Back Bay Reclamation which makes a precinct, cohesive in its image and so clear in its delineation, that in size it is perhaps rivalled only by the Art Deco district in Miami. More interestingly, this precinct covers both a seafront situation as well as one where it faces the great neo-gothic buildings of Bombay.

Over the last seven decades the Art Deco buildings in Bombay have quietly survived as the city has grown and transformed around them. Today these buildings face new challenges for their survival and their conservation is vital, for they are a great asset, which could position the city uniquely, not only for its collection of varied architectural styles but also its image as a city that historically embraced the future.

BOOK- Navin RamaniLaura Cerwinske (2007) Bombay Art Deco Architecture, A Visual Journey (1930- 1953); Roli & Janssen BV, The Netherlands, M-75 G. K. Market, New Delhi- India


 A useful visual reference for any architecture student interested in Art Deco, twentieth century style shifts, or the Indian subcontinent Bombay Art Deco Architecture presents a treasury of Art Deco buildings comprising residential, commercial and civic architecture. These monuments were created during the mid ’30s and ’40s, a glamorous and optimistic era that predated the official end of the British Raj.

MONOGRAPH- Kamu Iyer (2000) Buildings that shaped Bombay, Works of G. B. Mhatre FRIBA 1902- 1973; Kamla Raheja Institute of Architecture and Environmental studies, JVPD, Mumbai.


This book is about Mhatre’s work and the role he played in the context of a critical period in the architectural history of Bombay. It traces the development of his architecture from traditional beginnings through the Art Deco period to the modern. Some of the important buildings designed by him in Bombay are illustrated with drawings and photos, as also some of his unrealised projects.

MONOGRAPH- Prof. Mustansir Dalvi (2015) Deco on the Oval- A Portfolio of Facades and Details; Urban Design Research Institute (UDRI) and Sir J. J. College of Architecture

ISBN NO: 978-93-81444-10-8


Deco on the Oval – A Portfolio of facades and Details celebrates Bombay’s Best Loved Art Deco Facades. This portfolio contains 20 plates of the reconstructed elevations and details.

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