We are a small team that is focussed on what we have set out to do. We Showcase Mumbai’s Art Deco, Advocate its Conservation, Chronicle its History and Photo Document its Deco neighbourhoods.We bring a high level of integrity and commitment to quality in this initiative. We have created a repository of information that will give you an appreciation of Mumbai’s Art Deco and for the researcher, academic, historian and others we offer a platform that captures Mumbai’s Art Deco in some depth.

Atul Kumar

Founder Trustee

Atul has worked actively for over 15 years on civic issues, protecting open spaces and south Mumbai’s Art Deco heritage precinct. He is passionate about conservation, civic and governance issues, nature, the environment and saving Mumbai’s iconic modern living Art Deco heritage. He takes an occasional photograph that wows the team.

Shirin Bharucha


Shirin retired as Legal Advisor to TATA companies in 2001. She is a Trustee on several Trusts spanning arts, culture, music, education, preservation of open spaces and social welfare including the CSMVS (Prince of Wales Museum), National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), UDRI, OVAL Trust, Art Deco Mumbai Trust and others.

Prof. Mustansir Dalvi


Mustansir is Professor of Architecture at Sir JJ College of Architecture. His PhD from the IIT-Bombay (IDC), examined Bombay's Art Deco Architecture from a semiotic perspective. He has also lectured, read and published several papers on architectural education, architectural history and heritage, urban transformation and architectural semiotics. He has delivered public lectures at the Nehru Memorial Library, New Delhi and the Asiatic Society in Mumbai. He is the editor of '20th Century Compulsions' (Marg), a collection of writings about early Indian modernist architecture. His research is widely published including 'Buildings that shaped Bombay: the Architecture of G. B. Mhatre' (UDRI) & 'Mulk Raj Anand: Shaping the Indian Modern' (Marg).

Sujata P Kumar


Sujata is a successful businesswoman, Director on several public companies and committed to social causes particularly in healthcare and education. She is a Trustee of Kasturba Health Society, Wardha and Parekh Foundation

Nityaa Lakshmi Iyer

Head, Documentation & Research

Nityaa is a Conservation Architect with a keen interest in conserving modern heritage, incorporating sensitive interventions within historic settings and preserving heritage buildings through material conservation and adaptive reuse. After her B.Arch, she got her Master’s from University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in conservation science and preservation design. Work opportunities have enabled her to travel and work on varied projects in Turkey, Tunisia, Peru and USA. Prior to this she was part of the MOSAIKON initiative at the Getty Conservation Institute through their graduate fellowship program. She strongly believes that community engagement plays a significant role in successfully preserving built cultural heritage.

Shubhika Dilip Malara

Communication & Design Practitioner

Shubhika is a fine artist and designer. She graduated as a Public Space Designer from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore and also did a semester at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston. She explores dialogues between spaces, communities, art and nature. She has delved into narratives of living heritage, ecology and urbanisation of several places in Karnataka – one of which was exhibited under Srishti’s student academic work at the 19th ICOMOS General Assembly and Symposium, New Delhi. At work, one can easily spot her with a journal full of notes and doodles.

Vishaka Bhat

Senior Associate, Documentation

Vishaka is an architect deeply invested in documenting Mumbai’s Art Deco heritage while promoting awareness and appreciation for its historical significance. After graduation, she worked on commercial building projects at an architectural firm. She enjoys writing, travelling and exploring relationships between society, culture and the built environment. You can spot her with her camera capturing buildings as she helps build the Photo documentation initiative poring over pictures, evaluating structures and creating documentation panels.