Guided Tours

On weekends we take curated walking tours of approx 60-75 minutes duration of "Art Deco at the Oval", a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in south Mumbai. They are led by an architect.The tours are for upto 7-8 persons. Those interested in architecture, design and history have enjoyed them. Customised tours can be arranged on request. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to read what guests have to say.

Soumya, Culture Enthusiast & Travel Blogger, Mar 2020Stories by Soumya
The tour far exceeded my expectations. The best part is the fact that it is conducted by a researcher who is actually working to preserve these heritage sites. That makes them a storehouse of knowledge that you can easily dig into.
Céleste Zurbrigg, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Feb 2020
A walking tour with the conservation architect of Art Deco Mumbai Trust is a must in Mumbai.  It helps understand why these buildings were built in this location and we were shown many details that a casual passer-by could never see and appreciate.
Dianne, Godrej India Culture Lab, Feb 2020
The walk was truly one of the highlights of CultureCon 2020 and we are so grateful to each one of you for making it happen.
Visitor from Melbourne, Australia, Nov 2019
Our tour was truly wonderful and a genuine highlight of our trip to India. It exceeded our high expectations in every way. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the buildings and their history, making them come alive for us.
Kavita Muthappa, Bangalore, June 2019
Our guide was very well informed and well researched on the subject. We have driven past these buildings on our visits and now we are equipped with little history, details and trivia which we had no clue about.
Raffaella Goffredi, Italy, April 2019
Amazing Art Deco tour today. The first generation of architect trained at the Indian Institute of Architects decided to adopt this style to build 18 residential buildings which are now part of UNESCO world heritage sites. Great tour, strongly recommended.
Rajni Gadhvi, Mumbai, April 2019
Nityaa is wonderful and so thorough with her work. She reiterates the features which by the end of the tour helped us remember the characteristics of Art Deco, so much so that my 10 year old twins remember it and were telling us how to identify Art Deco buildings 🙂
Smeyers Pascale, Belgium, April 2019
Even my 5-year old enjoyed the tour and asked plenty of questions to the architect. I am glad we got to know more about the origins of Art Deco in Mumbai. I had been wanting to do this tour for a long time.
George Rigby, Ottawa, Canada, Feb 2019
This was an informative and engaging tour. The guides were passionate and knowledgeable. A highlight of our visit to Mumbai. So pleased to have found out about it.
Shibani Rangaraj, Architect, Bangalore, Jan. 2019
As an architect educated in Bombay and having worked on the documentation of heritage buildings as a student in the early 90's with Vikas Dilawari and the late Sandhya Savant, I was delighted to come across this heritage walk that focuses on the Art Deco heritage of the city.  I enjoyed  the walk that enlightened us with design details and cultural anecdotes. Having lived away from Mumbai for twenty years now, I am so glad to see these conservation initiatives like Art Deco Mumbai that work to preserve and build awareness about the city's fantastic architectural heritage.