Mumbai has one of the world's largest collection of Art Deco buildings. Our initiative is to showcase, document and research Mumbai's UNESCO inscribed collection and their unique architecture. We advocate its conservation. Our work environment is relaxed and full of exciting initiatives. It is also demanding, rigorous with clear deliverables by each team member. All our positions require you to be a team player with excellent work ethic and strong writing and speaking skills. We are self funded and Not for Profit. We are an equal opportunity employer.

You will illustrate, design, ideate and manage visual content for our website, outreach programs and social media.

What we expect from you:

  • Illustrate and design creatives for website and outreach programs (exhibitions, public lectures, walks, workshops and  events)
  • Ideate, design and curate content for social media engagement campaigns  
  • Assist on-going projects

Your Interests and Qualifications can help:

Persons applying should ideally have

  • A passion for illustration and design, curiosity to experiment with different mediums of expression
  • Ability to articulate & communicate ideas and offer original perspectives.
  • A good understanding of design process and determination to complete projects
  • Excellent knowledge of Adobe Suite, especially Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • Knowledge of Mumbai city structures and interest in urban form and design will help

This position starts immediately. Freelancers and freshers can also apply.
Please email your resume, portfolio of work and a recent writing sample (Minimum 750 words) to with Communication and Design in the subject line. All attachments not to exceed 2 MB.

You will assemble, catalogue, maintain and manage archival resources (physical and digital) in the organisation’s growing archive.


  • Archive resource(s) using digital process tools (especially colour correction and metadata entry). Also, catalogue and store digital assets in accordance with international best practices.
  • Research and assess relevant information available in the public domain. 
  • Write process documentation(s)


Person applying should ideally have

  • Some experience with digital assets or archiving
  • Ability to think creatively, ideate and explore new perspectives
  • Knowledge of Mumbai city structures and interest in urban built form
  • Some research experience in libraries, archives, bookstores, on the internet and leverage academic contacts would be preferred

This position starts immediately. Freshers can also apply.

Please email your resume to with Archivist in the subject line.

You will conduct research through fieldwork and access libraries (public/private), archives and online resources.


  • Research architectural history of Mumbai’s Deco, its architects, buildings, origins, urban form across the city.
  • Write article contributions for our website & other publications we are collaborating with.


Person applying must have

  • Outstanding writing skills
  • Some research experience in libraries, archives, bookstores and online resources
  • Knowledge of Mumbai city structures and a keen interest in architecture & built form
  • A Degree in Architecture, History, Literature, Sociology, Anthropology, Journalism or Mass Communication

This position starts immediately.

Please email your resume and a recent writing sample (Minimum 1000 words) to with Researcher in the subject line. All attachments not to exceed 2 MB.