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Deco Dictionary: What Is 'Banding'? | Deco Decoded | Art Deco Mumbai
'Banding' (n.): A pattern created with at least two parallel lines is called architectural bands or "banding". Now, you know the dictionary definition of 'Banding', but take a look at how this versatile design element features in Mumbai's Art Deco architecture. Welcome to Deco Decoded - a ...
Bombay Art Deco - An Introduction by Prof. Mustansir Dalvi
Shortly before Eros Cinema closed its doors in 2017, Art Deco Mumbai Trust hosted students from Columbia University, New York for a 'Bombay Deco Dekho' walking tour. The walk culminated in a lecture by Prof. Mustansir Dalvi at the preview theatre in Eros. It was perhaps the last such public ...