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Modern Heritage, Climate Change & Building Resilience: Mumbai and Miami | Art Deco Mumbai
Imagine Mumbai’s Marine Drive under water by the year 2031 – back to where it began, land reclaimed from the sea returns to the waters! For coastal cities like Mumbai and Miami, climate change is an immediate concern. Both cities share tropical climatic conditions, are home to historic Art Deco …
Of Substance and Style: A Discussion about Art Deco | Art Deco Mumbai | Deco Log (लोग)
In this webinar event, held on 15 July, 2022, Dr. Michael Windover, Associate Professor, Carleton University, looks at the concept of ‘style’ in general and considers the particular case of Art Deco. ‘Art Deco’ is a notoriously ambiguous term. It is a moniker coined only in the 1960s and 70s, …
Socialism, Secularism, Urban Modernity: Bombay's Waterfronts in Amitabh Bachchan's Deewaar
In this webinar event, Dr. Vandana Baweja, Associate Professor in the School of Architecture and the Sustainability Program at the University of Florida, looks at the representation of Bombay’s waterfronts in the Hindi film Deewaar (1975). Since its inception, Bombay has had intrinsic ties with …
Discovering Deco in India: A tale of three cities | Art Deco Mumbai | Deco Log (लोग)
While the collection of Art Deco buildings in Mumbai are much admired and are recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lesser known examples of the moderne architectural style abound in several other parts of India. These examples of Art Deco structures can be found across building …
'If not Deco, then what?’ Excerpts from Bombay Imagined: An Illustrated History of the Unbuilt City
In this webinar event, held on the occasion of World Art Deco Day on 28 April, architect Robert Stephens, author of ‘Bombay Imagined: An Illustrated History of the Unbuilt City’ surveys ideas that never saw the light of day. What if South Mumbai’s urban form, so distinctly characterised by the …
Driving with Deco: Cruising Past Mumbai's Art Deco | Art Deco Mumbai | Deco Log (लोग)
The Art Deco style, with its characteristic ‘streamlining’, inspired by aerodynamic design and detailed, yet stylistic, geometric ornamentation, reflected an admiration for the machine’s modernity. The non-traditional extravagance of such simplistic and functional forms translated into various …
Deco Radio: The Most Beautiful Radios Ever Made | Art Deco Mumbai | Deco Log (लोग)
Explore the untold story of famous industrial designers, who used new materials and mass production in the 1930s and 40s to create beautifully coloured, streamlined radios. This started a trend that brought the world-wide spread of modern Art Deco styling into homes. The advent of the small …
Deco by the Sea - The sea & its influence on Mumbai's architecture | Art Deco Mumbai | Deco Log(लोग)
Any serious interest in Mumbai’s architecture must also consider the presence of the sea in the city and the impact it has had on its urban landscape. From maritime motifs on building facades, to floor plans designed to capture every ounce of sea breeze, the architecture in this coastal city is …