Repair & Restore Your Art Deco Buildings

Since 2019, Art Deco Mumbai has been offering its knowledge to residents of Art Deco structures who wish to sensitively repair and restore their buildings. Our commitment extends beyond the technical aspects of restoration. We actively engage with residents and owners, sensitising them to the significance of their building, and the character-defining features that make it historic. The objective is to preserve the authenticity of the building, by suggesting sensitive interventions, appropriate use of materials, and incorporating archival research into the restoration process.

We emphasise the transformative power of small and economical interventions. These interventions not only have a substantial impact on the building’s aesthetic but also contribute directly to enhancing the property’s value. Our approach includes a holistic understanding of the building’s history, architecture, and the seamless integration of conservation practices.

If there is an Art Deco building in need of repair and restoration, we are happy to help (pro bono). To know more, call +91-9820155446 or email

Below are glimpses from recent projects you may appreciate:

The lettering at Empress Court, Oval Maidan installed during MHADA repairs in the 1990s. This replaced the original 1936 signage. Source: Art Deco Mumbai
The original lettering redesigned, produced and installed by Art Deco Mumbai based on archival images in our repository. Source: Art Deco Mumbai
The earlier colour palette as seen on the facade of Court View, Oval Maidan. It followed a two-tone colour scheme. Source: Art Deco Mumbai
The new colour palette proposed by Art Deco Mumbai seen on the facade of Court View, Oval Maidan. Source: Art Deco Mumbai
The two-tone colour scheme on Court View as seen on the frozen fountain, the building's signature motif. Source: Art Deco Mumbai
The frozen fountain highlighted with a distinct three-tone colour scheme, as proposed by Art Deco Mumbai. Source: Art Deco Mumbai
Measured drawing of the entrance facade at Green Fields, Oval Maidan, created by Art Deco Mumbai. Source: Art Deco Mumbai

You may like to read more detailed insights about our completed works at Swastik Court and Empress Court, Oval Maidan. 

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