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The Systematic Process of Photo Documenting Mumbai’s Art Deco | A Session for Curating for Culture
On 15 October 2022, on the invitation of Curating for Culture, Art Deco Mumbai presented a glimpse into its documentation initiative. The session was conducted as part of Constructing Personal Archives 2022, a programme where selected archiving projects were mentored in related techniques and ...
The Art Deco Cinema: A Journey Beyond Bombay | Art Deco Mumbai | Deco Log (लोग)
You may have seen the pioneering design of Regal Cinema, the majestic symmetry of Eros Cinema, the plush interiors of Liberty, and the international elegance of Metro. But what lies beyond the holy grail of south Mumbai’s Art Deco picture palaces? Tune in as our speaker Hemant Chaturvedi takes ...
Deco Dictionary: What Is 'Colorcrete'? | Deco Decoded | Art Deco Mumbai
Colorcrete (n.): Colorcrete is a concrete mixture created using rapid hardening cement, white or grey in colour. To this base is added natural oxides that imbue colour to the mixture, giving any coloured surface a vibrant but durable finish. Now, you know the dictionary definition of ...
Deco Dictionary: What Is 'Ziggurat'? | Deco Decoded | Art Deco Mumbai
Ziggurat (n.): Pyramidal tower in ancient Mesopotamia, surmounted by a temple and with tiered surfaces or a continuous ramp leading to the top. Now, you know the dictionary definition of 'Ziggurat', but take a look at how this versatile decorative element features in Mumbai's Art Deco ...
Mumbai: Art Deco Jewel of India | Art Deco Mumbai
In this webinar, presented for Art Deco Society of New York on 26 July 2020, our Founder Trustee Atul Kumar takes the participants on a virtual tour of select Art Deco buildings from the 1930s through the 40s and 50s. This era was also significant due to several occurrences in the country. ...
Bombay Hustle: Cinema as a Modern Workplace for Women | Art Deco Mumbai | Deco Log (लोग)
On a rainy August evening in Mumbai, we hosted Dr. Debashree Mukherjee, Associate Professor, Columbia University, New York, for a public lecture. “Bombay Hustle: Cinema as a Modern Workplace for Women” is an exploration of the life and work of the earliest female professionals in Bombay cinema, ...
Deco Dictionary: What is 'Chevron'? | Deco Decoded | Art Deco Mumbai
Chevron (n.): Pattern generated from the repetition of inverted V shapes, frequently used as an architectural ornament in Art Deco buildings. Often seen on the building facade, metal grille designs and bands. Now, you know the dictionary definition of 'Chevron', but take a look at how this ...
Of Substance and Style: A Discussion about Art Deco | Art Deco Mumbai | Deco Log (लोग)
In this webinar event, held on 15 July, 2022, Dr. Michael Windover, Associate Professor, Carleton University, looks at the concept of 'style' in general and considers the particular case of Art Deco. ‘Art Deco’ is a notoriously ambiguous term. It is a moniker coined only in the 1960s and 70s, ...
Liberty Cinema: The Showplace of the Nation | An Art Deco Mumbai Trust Production
On 13th March, 1949, Liberty Cinema, the 'Showplace of the Nation' was inaugurated in Bombay's Marine Lines. Founded by Habib Hoosein, a cotton trader by profession but a cinephile in spirit, the cinema was named in honour of India's independence from British rule in 1947. It became the first ...
Socialism, Secularism, Urban Modernity: Bombay's Waterfronts in Amitabh Bachchan's Deewaar
In this webinar event, Dr. Vandana Baweja, Associate Professor in the School of Architecture and the Sustainability Program at the University of Florida, looks at the representation of Bombay's waterfronts in the Hindi film Deewaar (1975). Since its inception, Bombay has had intrinsic ties with ...
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