Our Compendium of Books

Art Deco Mumbai Trust has been collecting books, journals, monographs, research papers, maps and other resources related to  Art Deco. These resources continue to help us with our research and documentation. Although there is a significant amount of text written about the city of Bombay and the other architectural styles prevalent in the city, there are a limited number of resources available on Art Deco architecture in Mumbai. The few that are available are largely inaccessible.

Our aim is to provide access to information related to Mumbai’s modern Art Deco heritage. We hope this will contribute towards improving the quality of research conducted on this significant design movement within the context of the city of Mumbai.

Art Deco Mumbai Trust is pleased to share some of the resources for public access starting 17th December 2018.  To schedule an appointment, please write to us at team@artdecomumbai.in stating the date and time of your intended visit and LIBRARY in the subject line.

Here is a list of resources currently available: (updated as on 6th December 2022)

Please revisit this space to stay updated on new additions.

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