Guided Tours

We periodically take curated walking tours of approx 60-75 minutes duration of "Art Deco at the Oval" located in south Mumbai. They are led by an architect. The tours are small, up to 5 persons with a minimum two. Persons interested in architecture, design and some history have enjoyed them.

Elisabeth Rochau-Shalem, Sr. Editor, Hirmer Publishers, NY Jan 2018
Our hosts were very professional,  knowledgeable and articulate! We so much enjoyed the tour and the deep knowledge not only about the buildings but the time and circumstances around their creation.
Jawaher Alali, Bahrain, Feb 2018
The tour was informative and so visually interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially learning about Mumbai’s history from a design perspective.
Jennifer Duchesne, Toronto, Canada, Jan 2018
It exceeded my expectations not only in terms of the number of buildings visited and their delicious Deco-ness, but in exciting me about the huge potential benefit to Mumbaikar's in conserving them.
Rosemary Galton, Soprano, UK, Nov 2017
Friendly, informative guide. The tour made me notice little details I wouldn't have seen by myself. Afterwards I kept spotting other art deco features around Mumbai!
Dr N Fekri, Visiting Prof. of Politics from UK, October 2017
To see these gorgeous buildings that were so much a part of the landscape and especially of a human scale was an immense delight. You were both so knowledgeable
Mira Kamdar, International New York Times, October 2017
This small-group, intimate tour is a perfect introduction to Mumbai's rich Art Deco architectural city. It should be a high point of any discerning visitor to the city's experience and a must for all Mumbaikars who want to learn more about their city.
Prof. Debashree Mukherjee, Columbia University, NY, June 2017
My gratitude for our wonderful Art Deco Friday.
Shreya Anand, Founder & Creative Director @IylaClothing, Mumbai, June 2017
Still reeling  from the wonderful, extremely informative and inspiring morning. Thank you for this veritable treat
Janice Blackburn, London, March 2017 @theyedoesntlie
It is a 'must' for people visiting Mumbai with an interest either in architecture or those who just want to discover more of Mumbai.
Greg Foster, Editor, Architectural Digest India, Mumbai, March 2017
A fabulous tour!