Guided Tours

We periodically take curated walking tours of approx 60-75 minutes duration of "Art Deco at the Oval" located in south Mumbai. They are led by an architect. The tours are small, up to 5 persons with a minimum two. Persons interested in architecture, design and some history have enjoyed them. Customised tours can be arranged on request.

George Rigby, Ottawa, Canada, Feb 2019
This was an informative and engaging tour. The guides were passionate and knowledgeable. A highlight of our visit to Mumbai. So pleased to have found out about it.
Shibani Rangaraj, Architect, Bangalore, Jan. 2019
As an architect educated in Bombay and having worked on the documentation of heritage buildings as a student in the early 90's with Vikas Dilawari and the late Sandhya Savant, I was delighted to come across this heritage walk that focuses on the Art Deco heritage of the city.  I enjoyed  the walk that enlightened us with design details and cultural anecdotes. Having lived away from Mumbai for twenty years now, I am so glad to see these conservation initiatives like Art Deco Mumbai that work to preserve and build awareness about the city's fantastic architectural heritage. 
Lou Macheprin, Cultural Coordinator, Alliance Francais, Mumbai
Nityaa is very professional, you can learn a lot from her. She can speak about Art Deco in Mumbai in details that you are so happy (and proud!) to share with others.
Rachna Shetty, Mumbai Dec. 2018
Would really like to commend Nityaa because she is clearly passionate about architecture. She was able to express all her knowledge and passion in an interesting and accessible manner. Makes a big difference.
Daksha P, Mumbai, Nov 2018
The tour was brilliantly done. Thank you for the opportunity of being a part of it.
Adina Goerke, Mumbai/Germany, April 2018
I think, besides learning so much from you, we just appreciate that some people in this often selfishly fast-growing city are also passionate about Mumbai's beautiful heritage. Who knows, maybe in one century or less nothing of it will be remaining but at least you documented it and we can prove it was there. And that alone makes me so happy 🙂
Abbas Slatewala, Mumbai, Founder, Indiasomeday, April, 2018
We had a great time with Atul and Nityaa. With their knowledge and enthusiasm I cannot wait to go on tours across other Art Deco districts with them!
Sharmila Phadke, Writer and Art Critic, Mumbai, April, 2018
Art Deco features, aesthetics of the buildings were explained beautifully and in details during this walk. I would love to repeat the experience.  I hope team arranges for another Art Deco walk in Mumbai soon.
Elisabeth Rochau-Shalem, Sr. Editor, Hirmer Publishers, NY Jan 2018
Our hosts were very professional,  knowledgeable and articulate! We so much enjoyed the tour and the deep knowledge not only about the buildings but the time and circumstances around their creation.
Jawaher Alali, Bahrain, Feb 2018
The tour was informative and so visually interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially learning about Mumbai’s history from a design perspective.